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Here are the best ways to save money in Norway?

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In several cases Norway can be costly, but are there ways of reducing costs? We checked through Google what the readers says.
Norway is also more costly than any Eu nation, according to the new study from the European Union statistical agency Eurostat.

We also provided several helpful tips via social media and email. Thank you for having the time to stay in touch. is an online store that has been listed as a popular spot in Facebook to locate products that include children's clothing, toys, kitchenware and sports equipment.

Scouting for small flea markets would often have decent opportunities to save time on all types of daily products, said observers on social media in Norway and also also spoke about second-hand shops (genbrug).

In Facebook, many observers stated that bulk sales and transactions are successful forms of saving money in Norway, when they try reduced goods in shops.

"Look at the cooler (supermarket) at the left," told one person.

The Mattilbud application is an incredibly simple way to stay up to date, according to a reader who contacted us through our online survey.

Mattilbud is an online platform that identifies and helps consumers to see the latest deals from Norway 's major grocery chains. The App offers services in supermarkets like Rema 1000, Meny, Kiwi, Rimi, Joker, Spar, Bunnpris, Europris, Narvesen, 7 Eleven and Coop-owned stores like Giant, Prix, Extra, Obs, Marked and Matkroken.

One reader has mentioned through our web form that the use of local green farmers (frukt og grønt) is another means of saving food money compared to traditional supermarkets.

Better compensation plans and auto services can be found via NAF, one of our readers said.

Many have found out that certain goods or facilities actually have to be cut to save money in Norway. Alcohol and drinking were the two most commonly mentioned by far.

Some items are less costly than you might expect, despite the high overall price point, according to the answers we got.

The two answers most people mentioned were fish and public transport.

The perfect way to save money for one Facebook customer in Norway was much easier: "(Go) to Sweden."

Although this might have been a sarcastic comment, others people genuinely suggested going internationally for such facilities.

"In Denmark, I have my hair dyed and trimmed. "I (go) Denmark or Continent" an unknown reader wrote to us. (For) skin, salon, medical , surgical, cosmetic, mechanical.

Have we skipped any good tips? Would you disagree with some of the recommendations in this article? Let us know — your feedback will be fantastic.

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