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Italian word exact expression of the day: 'Di nuovo'

14:24 CEST+02:00
This is a helpful little sentence to improve your fluency in Italian.

Di nuovo
It simply means "new" and we can use it to talk about the latest stuff, or to talk about what is new.

For example:

Cioè, cosa c'è di nuovo?
I mean, what's new?

Allora ragazzi, facciamolo di nuovo.
Right guys, let's do it again.

Yet do not make the usual mistake that di nuovo is similar to ancora. Ancora is "again" one of several meanings:

Provaci ancora.
Try it again.

Grazie ancora!
Thanks again!

However, though differences in meaning can be difficult for non-Italians to differentiate.

The major difference is that ancora is used often to emphasize that something happens constantly or still; something has began in the past and is still happening today (or in the future).

While Di nuovo means it's all done again or again-probably in another way.

È pronto iniziare di nuovo
He's ready to start anew

Il professore vuole parlarvi di nuovo.
The teacher wants to talk to you again.

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