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The team of Senku is back in practice they want to illustrate to Dr. Xeno and his team that their work is strong even though their chief is not interested. Chrome must take us to face their adversary who believes they've stolen a win from Senku 's hands already. Let's take a look at how Senku 's crew can respond from the damage done by Xeno 's crew before we go on.

After the shooting of Dr. Senku, things are getting sticky with his crew, they have been forming a plot to avenge the death of Senku. Senku is now sitting on the bed being held. In a matter of days, Senku will be back in service and all right again. Xeno 's crew claims they have got rid of Senku and his research is gone. Black, Kohaku, Black:

This post concerns the release date of Dr. Stone Chapter 162 and a rundown of the last chapter. Dr. Stone's spoilers chapter 162 are still unreleased. We'll update them once they're published. Check out the info below before going on to the new updates.

Dr. Stone Chapter 162 is expected to be published Sunday, August 23, 2020. The manga takes a weekly break at the end of this month it will be back again. Dr. Stone's next new chapter will come out every Sunday until the manga goes on a weekly break or gets disrupted. Let's go in more depth below in this book.

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Previously on Dr. Stone Chapter 161
They 're trying to use science 's strength to dig a tunnel to get to the enemy base. Chrome must draft the enemy base map. Along the road, Senku 's crew explores the strategy for how Xeno and his men should be targeted. Dr. Xeno claims they have solved the science threat by killing Senku.

Senku 's crew intends to send a guide to their enemy while being cautious in the fighting. Ukyo should give them some time to work properly on his strategy. In the meantime, Senku learned there's a rare surprise awaiting Dr. Xeno. Luna and Taijuu help Senku rapidly recover. The crew of Senku realizes the plan is now in motion because Glen is with Dr. Xeno.

Glen would confuse Xeno about the petrification device and lie to them that they would turn into stone if they don't hand it over. Xeno questions Glen, as they have no way of knowing whether Glen speaks the truth. Dr. Xeno is about to slip into the crew pit of Senku and he hopes he'll take the ship in no time. They prepare in a month, two weeks, or half a year to do so.

It will be technology against nature which will lead to a battle of crafts. Chrome does a craft with help from Suika. It will help them find their way to the base of their opponent and Chrome has finished off with the route map already. Ukyo and Kohaku spy on their enemies every breath. Suika praises Chrome for making his first great innovation, and everyone is pleased that their mission has been accomplished now that what is left is time for practice.

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