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How To Fix Adsense Crawler Issue And Fix Now

Managing websitesWhat are AdSense crawler issues? 

Keeping that your blog or website is fully to search engine friendly can help you earn more from your content.

If AdSense ads are not able to access your content, see the following list of problem-solving crawlers.

 Access issues

1: Possible reason
It's probable that the ad crawler is now being redirected to the login page, which implies that you can't crawl on your content material. 
Your content is within a limited network or IP range.

You've already blocked on your web-blog the ad crawler in your robots.txt file.

What to check?

Are visitors needed to access to see your content with login details? 

Have you placed restrictions limiting the geographical or IP range of your content?

Is your robots.txt file disabled with the ads crawler?

How to fix?

Set up a crawler login to display ads on creating an account-protected page. 

Please remove these restrictions or make accessible to the public your content so that advertising crawlers can crawl their URLs.

 Site issues

2: Possible reason

Can't locate your site. Can't locate your site.

If Google's URL points to a link that is not (or is no longer) on the website or leads to a 404 error (Not Found), then the ad scanner won't search your content successfully. Your website has new content published.

If you publish a new article, before Google's crawlers now have the opportunity to crawl your content, you can request an ad. Examples of sites that post more new content include sites that include content created by users, news stories, the large stock of goods, or weather.

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