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Why Adsense policy matters for everyone? Learn Here

Learn about Google Adsense policy
Today: is your responsibilities

Don't violate any AdSense Guidelines. 

Google AdSense policies follow mean is very simple to keep the ecosystem a safe place to learn, create, and advertising. Take a minute to learn how it works so you be safe in future violations.

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Here is very simple and easy to learn 
Publish unique contentPublish unique content
Keep it family-safe and legalKeep it family-safe and legal
Strike a healthy balanceStrike a healthy balance between ads and content
Click your own adsClick your own ads or ask others to click your ads
Duplicate contentlDuplicate content or create deceptive layouts
Tamper with the AdSense codeTamper with the AdSense code

Use AdSense experiments to test different ad variations

Once you’re earning start, you may be subject to deductions for many reasons, such as invalid clicks or payments from advertisers.
Click on the below to know more to keep your Adsense Account safe in future

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