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Why your Adsense account is temporarily suspended - ad serving is disabled.

Your AdSense account is suspended

What happened exactly?

Your Adsense account has been temporarily suspended as a result of violations. No ads will be shown during this suspension, your payments will be on hold and your increased funding may be deducted from your account and paid back to advertisers.

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What should you do?

Just try to find the source of the invalid traffic, and make sure it will stop in the future happening again.

and during this suspension period, your account will be open but if again it happens then what?

Your Adsense account may be removed permanently. Google-Adsense has highlighted the most common reasons for suspending publisher accounts for invalid traffic.

Suspension of Adsense-Account for a policy violation:

Google Adsense programs policies are in place to make sure that everyone who makes up the Adsense advertising ecosystem has a positive experience. When they find a violating website, send a warning message asking you to fix the website, or disable the website ad serving immediately if the violation is severe.

If any extra issues are identified in your AdSense-account during the period of suspension, your account may be permanently deactivated even before the suspension period expires. If invalid traffic continues and remains to provide low-value traffic to ads ecosystem after your account has been unsuspended, then they may limit or disable ad serving, re-suspend your account or disable your account Google-Adsense protect their advertisers and users.

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