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Real History of Emir Al-Aziz of Aleppo in Dirilis Ertugrul Season

Real History of Emir Al-Aziz of Aleppo in Dirilis Ertugrul Season

Real History of Emir Al-Aziz of Aleppo in Dirilis Ertugrul Season

Dirilis Ertugrul Season, which was on air on the Turkish TRT channel and explained how Ertugrul Ghazi, the leader of the Kayi Tribe, made it possible to establish the Ottoman Empire under Osman Ghazi, the world's dominant leader for nearly six centuries, drew the attention of the audience. 

An actor called Mehmet Emin Inci entered the range at Dirilis Ertugrul Season and portrayed Emir Al-Aziz, an important character of the historical period.

Following Emir Al-Aziz's viewing in Dirilis Ertugrul Season, the people started to look for this important historic character. 

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So, I've collected details on Emir Al-Aziz like who is Emir Al-Aziz

Which was Emir Al-Aziz 's position when the Ottoman Empire was established?

What was Emir Al-Aziz 's relationship with the Kayi tribe? 

What is the death of Emir Al-Aziz? Where is the tomb of Emir al-Aziz? 

There is also curiosity here.

Who was Emir Al-Aziz of Aleppo

The Emir Al-Aziz (Main Syrian State), the Ayyubid, and the Az-Zahir 's son Ghazi. The Aziz family were in Aleppo. Al-Aziz also was the grandson of the Ayyubid dynasty founder, Sultan Sala ad-Din Ayyubi (Saladin). 

His name was Aziz Muhammad ibn Ghazi. He had a full name. Dayfa Khatun was Al-Aziz 's daughter of Al-Adil Sayf ad-Din (the brother of Saladin).

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Aleppo, in 1213 CE was born Al-Aziz Muhammad ibn Ghazi. In 1216, when Al-Aziz Muhammad ibn Ghazi was just 3 years old, Az-Zahir Ghazi died at the age of 45.

Al-Aziz Muhammad ibn Ghazi immediately inherited his father's position as the next governor of Aleppo. Since he was still a child, Shihab ad-Din Toghril was appointed as the guardian of Atabeg by a regency council. Shihab ad-Din Toghril became his uncle for the following fifteen years and remained an influential Aleppo ruler.

Gökhan Atalay was portraying Shihab ad-Din Toghril in Dirilis Ertugrul Season.

Real History of Emir Al-Aziz of Aleppo in Dirilis Ertugrul Season

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As I said previously, he was a child, and until 17 years of age, when he retained the office of his uncles as treasurer, he was unable to take charge of Aleppo. 

Instead of indulging in internal revolt, Al-Aziz Muhammad ibn Ghazi concentrated on the strengthening and defense of Aleppo as well as on its infrastructure. In addition to the significant projects launched by his father Az-Zahir Ghazi, Al-Aziz Muhammad ibn Ghazi has also developed new projects. 

The Citadel, the foundation of the castle, the arsenal, the water tanks, and the mosque were among the projects. R (Tabbaa, Yasser, Constructions of Power, and Piety in Medieval Aleppo, Pennsylvania State University Press, 1997).

Diyar Bakr was attacked in 1232 CE by the Egyptian Sultan, al-Kamil, thus making an Ayyubid alliance. However, the Aleppo troops did not contribute Al-Aziz Muhammad ibn Ghazi. R (Humphreys, R. S., from Saladin to the Mongols: Damascus Ayyubim 1193-1260, p. 222): 

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However, when it invaded Malatya, Anatolia in 1234, he contributed another army commanded by al-Kamil. The Muhammad ibn Ghazi Al-Aziz did not go for a war himself.

Sultan Al-Kamil of Egypt invaded Diyar Bakr in 1232, establishing the Ayyubid alliance. But the Aleppo-side al-Aziz Muhammad ibn Ghazi did not contribute. R (Humphreys, R.S., Saladin to the Mongols: 

the damaskian Ayyubids 1193–1260, SUNY Press 1977, p. 222). But when it attacked Malatya, Anatolia, in 1234 CE, he added another army commanded by Al-Kamil. Al-Aziz Muhammad ibn Ghazi didn't go out to campaign himself.

On 26 November 1236 CE Emir Al-Aziz died when he was 23 years old. An-Nasir Yusuf was the eldest son of Al-Aziz at the time. He was his successor, but Dayfa Khatun, Al-Aziz's mother, took the regency. 

It was announced that Emir Aziz married Fatima Khatun, the al-Kamil 's daughter. His family is unknown, but his daughter Ghaziya Khatun was reported to marry Rum Sultan Seljuq Kaykhusraw II. (Pennsylvania State University Press, Tabbaa, Yasser, Power and Piety Constructions in Medieval Aleppo, 1997, p.136).

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And ALLAH Almighty knows the Best.

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