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Who was the Artuk Bey | Real History of Artuk bey

Who was the Artuk Bey | Real History of Artuk bey

Who was the Artuk Bey | Real History of Artuk bey

Do you want to know Artuk Bey's true past? 

Today we will cover all the past of Artuk Bey. We have researched and collected as much data as we can about him in order to highlight the true past of Artuk bey seen in the Dirilis Ertugrul TV series, Ertugrul Ghazi Right Side. 

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But he did even play bigger roles and fought many battles within the empire of Seljuk.

He had been a General of the Seljuk Empire army in the 11th century according to history. He spent much of his time in the Mosque of Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem, where he ran from 1085 A.D to 1091 A.D.

The battle of Artuk Bey Manziket is fighting as commander of the Seljuk Empire army. In the conquest of Anatolia Artuk played a crucial role. The valley of Yesilirmak was recorded by Artek bey in 1074 A.D.

Following the war, Artuk bey's next mission is to arrest rather than the Marwanids. He had to deal with Commander Fahruddevlet, who wanted the Marwanids to maintain peace. With his early attack, he surprised the Marwanids and even destroyed the outside the Marwanids. 

Malik Shah was the Sultan of the Kingdom of Seljuk at that period, suspecting him. Following this Artuk bey had to abandon the area to pursue Tutush I (1084 A.D. in Syriac). In spite of the Suleyman (Seljuks Sultan in Turkey Area), Artuk bey played a very instrumental role. The War between Sultan Suleyman and Tutush I

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A beylik was founded on his name after Artuk bey's death. Artek's son is also very brave and after 11 years, they founded beylik. Artek's son El Ghazi Ibn-e-Artuk contest the battle of Edessa's Baldwin II (Syria 1119 A.D). 

But the fight he lost. A son from Artuk bey, Soqman, allies with Tugketin bey and battles Harran's war. Seljuk could eventually detain the crusader Balwin II of Edessa during this battle. King of Jerusalem, he renamed him Tripoli. 

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He then managed to escape the possession of the Seljuks army. This son of Artuk Bey is honored for his father and a real Muslim soldier, Soqman Ibn-e-Artuk.

That's Artuk Bey's real story, while in TV series he was seen as Ertugrul Bey's Great Companion supporting him and the Kayi Tribe, the same tribe. In reality, however, the contribution made by Artuk Bey to Islam was even greater.

The character of Artuk Bey in Dirilis Ertugrul is played by Ayberk Pekcan. He is a very fine actor in the Film and Drama Series.

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