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Who was the Ertugrul Ghazi in Dirilis Ertugrul Season - Real History

Who was the Ertugrul Ghazi in Dirilis Ertugrul Season -

All about Dirilis Ertugrul 

Who was the Ertugrul Ghazi in Dirilis Ertugrul Season - Real History 

History of Ertugrul Ghazi 

At the beginning of the 13th century, Muslims in particular were facing a tough time. A modern empire has meanwhile begun to expand across the world. 

When a bloodthirsty Mongolian army under Genghis Khan invaded other areas in order to extend its empire (the Mongolian Empire), they entered central Europe as they crossed East Europe, and very soon their power proved on the other hand in Siberia, the Subcontinent, China and the Persian region. 

Historical brutality and injustice was created by the Mongol armies.

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All the great empires bowed their heads to Mongolian brutality. On the other hand, the Khuwarzam Empire captured much of the Seljuks-occupied areas of Khorasan, Iran, Syria, and Iraq. At the time, their influence was at its height. 

Genghis Khan called Tornado marched into the Kuwarzam Empire with all its brutality and ripped it into pieces. After the fury of this Empire, Turkish tribes living there began to flee in search of a safe location. 

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Most of the tribes were shepherds and gypsies, wherever they saw greenery and water, they put their tents there and began to live. Most of these tribes entered Iran and Syria, though some of them migrated to Egypt.

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The Kayi tribe was one of these Turkish tribes. The Kayi tribe was comparatively stronger and a little more populous than the others. 

This was a tribe of warriors, and its chief was Suleiman Shah. The Kayi tribe led by Suleiman Shah left his homeland Khorasan and went to Syria. 

On his way, as he crossed the river Euphrates, Suleiman Shah drowned and could not survive. Suleiman Shah had four sons: Sungurtakun, Gundugdu, Ertugrul, and Dundar. After the death of Suleiman Shah, the Kayi tribe was divided. Sungutakun and Gundugdu went with their families and companions to Ahlat. 

Remainers chose Ertugrul as their representative because of his courage and bravery.

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The brave, fearless, warrior personality of Ertugrul Ghazi. He was very familiar with his tribe's security, which is why he and his brother and tribe, consisting of nearly 420 families, joined Selyuk 's empire and left for Asia Minor. 

The Sultan Ala-ud-Deen Kayqubad, very known for his righteousness, was the Seljuk throne at that time. On his way around Ankara, Ertugrul Ghazi saw the battle of two armies with one another with his tribe to the Capital Konya to seek shelter under Sultan Ala-ud-Deen.

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Ertugrul Ghazi was familiar with none of the armies, but he whilst watching that one of them is less crowded and the other one is a huge army, he with his smallest army who was a total 420 only, stood with the less crowded ones. He attacked the opponent army with these few soldiers suddenly and strongly. The opponent army got scared and thought that they might have got some help from somewhere. This army whilst it was winning lost the battle. Later on, it came to know that the army whom Ertugrul Ghazi helped was the army of Seljuk Sultan Ala-ud-Deen Kayqubad.

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The opposing army was not clear from whom. Some people say that it was the Byzantine army and many people say it was the Barbarian army. The courage of Ertugrul Ghazi was very impressing on Sultan Ala-ud-Deen and the Karaca Dağ region near Ankara was granted to his tribe in his empire. It was a mountainous area. There was the Kayi tribe. 

It is said that this region was granted to the Kayi tribe by Sultan Alā ad-Dīn in order to defend the borders of this side from the assault by the Byzantine army. They were enabled by the sultan to conquer the border areas and to add them to the empire. The Byzantine border was linked to this area. 

In a very short span of time, Ertuğrul impressed everyone with his bravery. After some time, Söğüt city was also allotted to Ertuğrul Gazi by the Sultan. The result of these victories was that many other Turkish tribes also joined Ertuğrul Ghazi and accepted him as their Chief.

Ertuğrul Ghazi's power, therefore, grew daily and influence in the surrounding areas began to be enhanced. In order for a landlord to have such power and influence, Sultan Alā ad-Dyn may have worried him, but the Seljuk Empire was in the final stages of decline due to internal disorder and the state chiefs in Asia Minor. 

While Seljuks were still prominent in Konya, the reach of the government was very limited. The Mongolians had conquered a great territory on one side, while several old Byzantine provinces were conquered by Christiane forces on the other.

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Sultan had a relief sigh, so Ertuğrul Ghazi awarded him. In a place between Yeni City and Bursa, Sultan also awarded Ertuğrul the city and appointed the State of Sultanaoni as a deputizing for Alā ad-Dîn, when Ertuğrul Ghazi defeated a united Army of Mongols and Byzantines. Ertugrul Ghazi was also appointed commander of his troop front line. 

Numerous castles were found in this vast region (Sultanooni), alongside landless pastures and fertile land. But Sultanooni was mostly occupied by stubborn leaders, and Ertuğrul Ghazi and later his son, Osman Ghazi, were forced to struggle for a long time to assert his authority entirely.

In 1281 and according to some others in 1288 Ertuğrul Gazi died at the age of 90. Halime Hatun wife of Ertuğrul Ghazi was the daughter of Seljuk Prince Ghiyāth ad-Dīn Mas’ūd. Halime Hatun gave birth to three sons, Gündüz, Savcı, and Osman. After the death of Ertuğrul Ghazi, his successor was his youngest son Osman Gazi.

Like his dad, Osman Gazi was a real Muslim, Courageous and Brave man. In 1299 after the complete end of the Seljuk Empire, Osman Gazi declared his independent rule in all its captured territories. The Ottoman Empire was thus founded independently of the Seljuk Empire. A new Empire thus emerged on the world plan that has been around for more than 600 years, covering 3 continents, covering an area of approximately 20 million km2.

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Ertuğrul Ghazi was buried in Söğüt, his son Osman Ghazi also built a mosque there. The current tomb of Ertuğrul Ghazi was re-built in Sultan Abdul Hamid II era. In 1998, Ertuğrul Ghazi Mosque was built in his honor in Asbghat, Turkmenistan province.

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