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Who was Sadettin Kopek (Dirilis Ertugrul Character) | Zazadin Han Historical Place


Who was Sadettin Kopek (Dirilis Ertugrul Character) | Zazadin Han Historical Place

Who was Sadettin Kopek (Dirilis Ertugrul Character) | Zazadin Han Historical Place

He was famous in the character of Dirilis Ertugrul Season, who consistently hindered Ertugrul and battled against Ertugurl Ghazi. In the season, the battle for full control of the empire has been seen. Murat Garipağaoglu plays his character in Dirilis Ertugrul. 

I have collected his true past in this article and ALLAH knows best about it.

Who was Sadettin Kopek (Dirilis Ertugrul Character) | Zazadin Han Historical Place

Saad al-Din Kopek was the main administrator of the Seljuk court, which served two Seljuk sultans, also known as Sadettin Kopek or as Saad al-Din Kopek bin Muhammad. There is no detail on his early life. He was a military commandant at the time, because of his campaign for the yubiler Saad al-Din Kopek was in action during the reign of Sultan Al-Kajakovad. 

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He was the military commander. Later, under Sultan Alaeddin Kaykqubad I, he appointed Minister of Works and Search. Despite this, he was the architect of Kubadabad Palace, on the shores of Beyşehir Lake, which under his supervision was constructions. He also constructed a famous caravanserai Zazadin Han, which is known as a famous historical place today.

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After the death of Alaeddin Kayqubad,I in 1237 EC Sadettin continued to serve Kaykhusraw II as his successor Gıyaseddin. Also, there was a civil war of the Seljuk for the accession to the throne between the sons of Kayqubad I. His son Kaykhusraw, Kopek, had been supported.

During his rule, Sadettin became the most obedient and obedient to the Seljuk Sultan Kaykhuraw II. With power, he began executing the ones who would hinder his intention to govern the empire. In 1238 CE, Sadettin Kopek conquered Samsat Castle and some others also which were under the control of Eyyubiler.

History has it that Sadettin Kopek also accused Kaykhuraw II of having an unlawful baby by alleging his own unlawful mom, Sehnaz Hatun I, the mother of Kaykhusrav II. He said, for this reason, that he was the Sultan of the Seljuk Empire. 

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Kaykshusrav II was anxious about all this, and he sent an order to the execution or expulsion of Sadettin Kopek his most trustworthy slaves. Hussameddin Karaca, therefore, tried to execute Kopek in 1239, but he still survived the attack. Kopek came to the winery of the Sultan, where his men executed him, as he was sick. He kept his body in an iron cage and hung it in the palace.

Zazadin Han

As I described earlier, a caravanserai named Zazadin Han, 20 km from Konya on the road to Aksaray, was constructed by Sadettin Kopek. Zazadin's Konya-Ankara road outside Kavacık is another way to meet Zazádin. 

Zazadin Han is a well-known Turkish historic site. It has two inscriptions, the stone of a looming plumb in its walls, the stretched portal, and the reputation of the captain and architect (Sadettin Kopek), which is behind its fame. The name of Köpek as founder (1235-36 CE) is on one of the inscriptions of the caravanséraire and the other reveals the patronage of both Kayqbad I and Kaikhusraw II.

The first inscription proved that Sadettin Kopek built the main door section in the Kingdom of Alaeddin Kayqubad I and the second proved that his uncle, Kaykhusraw II, built the courtyard section. 

Zazadin Han was named after Sadettin Kopek and was not so renowned for his now-lost Zencirli Han, and Zazadin Han had taken the path. In the Seljuk calligraphy "Nashiki," which reads as follows, is an inscription on the main door covered part.

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In the time of Keyqubad son of Keyhusrev, ordered to be Emir of the believers the duty of Sultans, conqueror, the exalter of the world and the faith, by the poor slave who needs the mercy of Allah, Kopek son of Muhammad was this structure built in the months of 633 CE.

The other inscription on the courtyard section is written in Arabic with the same calligraphy as:

When the virtue and abundance increased and moved to meet the benefaction, in the generosity of the bright state and the mercy of the period of Keyhursrev the supreme sultan, the great conqueror, the son of Keykubad, protector of the Muhammad built this in the year of 634 CE.

 Zazadin Han was closed for the restoration purpose in September 2017 and reopened for the visitors from August 2019. So, what you are waiting for? If you want to know complete information about its design, parts, sections, etc, click here to know more.

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