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Who were White Beards or Heyet | Secret Organization


Who were White Beards or Heyet | Secret Organization

In Dirilis Ertugrul white beard is mentioned, and another sequence as älhthyarlar is mentioned. In the past of certain people, they named them Heyet, but they all are the same or different names. In this post, we will learn in this article.

Mete Han is establishing this underground organization, as per historical documents, but the founders of White Beards are not listed in the television series Payiaht Abdulhamid and Dirillis. 

Who was Turgut Alp | Real History of Turgut Alp in Dirilis Ertugrul

Artugrul Ghazi was, as you can see in the TV show Dirilis Ertugrul, a member of the hidden White Beards organization which had given him advice and intelligence. Osman Ghazi receives the source of this knowledge.

Have you ever thought about how Osman Ghazi established a tribe kingdom that had little intelligence nor military power? 

Real History of Ibn Arabi - An Important Character of Dirilis Ertugrul Season

Who are the white bearded in Ertugrul | Who were the white beards | Ertugrul Ghazi

All of this must be backed by a hidden source. It is thought that, since the Ottoman Empire was strong enough to rule the world, strong theories about white beards had gone down since sultan Fateh had conquered Constantinople.

Who Were The White Bearded Turks in Dirilis Ertugrul

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The Turkish Akksaka is the wise people who solve the dilemma, according to a book written by Dede Korkut, the Inspiring Stories Book of Turkish Oghuz, which is called Dede and is also known as Ashiks. 

Real History of Halime Hatun in Dirilis Ertugrul Season

In recent times, this word has been used as the group or chief of the group.

Dede Korkut was described as a true individual by the famous historian Rashad-Aldin-Hamdani. He existed in the seventh century under the Oghuz King. He came and embraced Islam, to Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.W.). 

Nobody can even guess the fate of Oghuz Turks when Prophet Muhammad said hadith of Constantinople, visited that time.


Then the Oghuz King, he came back and told the story. From then on, Oghuz Bey started to run a white beard organization, pick their best alps, and give them details. The Seljuk Empire of Rum still follows the same tradition and the Ottoman Sultans have certainly begun the decision-making process by using spies.

The first observation was the army of headman horsemen, then delivery for information and then secret spies. White Beards killed them as leaders of the resistance as Khorasan, Central Asia, and the Caucasus were defeated by the invaders. 

White Beards used to show their logos on houses. The signs above demonstrate their role in history and their ideas.

Now you think about the presence of Muslims as they control non-Muslims. So I wanted to remind you that they are a human being, and perhaps sometimes their intelligence and their help do not work. 

Sultan Abdul-Hamid attempted to create this underground organization, but he faces so many obstacles and is incapable of finding the right people for the job he did centuries ago.

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