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Death To 2020: Release Date - Cast - Plot

Charlie Brooker revealed earlier this month that he had worked with his Black Mirror collaborator Annabel Jones on the Death to 2020 nightmare project.

Originally the data is very scarce but, in the form of a mockumentary, we now have an understanding of exactly what the project is in the form of a fiction that describes the events which have characterized it over the last 12 months.

Death To 2020: Release Date  - Cast - Plot
Death To 2020: Release Date  - Cast - Plot

Death to 2020 arrived on Netflix, you can watch it now to know everything.

Death To 2020: Release Date on Netflix

  • Death to 2020 will be available to stream on Netflix from Sunday 27th December.

Where Can I Watch Death To 2020?

  • Death to 2020 is available on Netflix to watch globally. Death to 2020 was released on 27th, December on Netflix. 


  • Yes, Death to 2020 is available on Netflix. While Death to 2020 did release on Netflix worldwide on December 27th, 2020.  

What is Death to 2020?

The program will be a fictitious 2020 map but will address the actual events that have characterized this remarkable year. The Netflix official description reads: "Death to 2020 is a comedy event which tells the story of the terrible year that has been – and maybe is still? This landmark documentary format blends some of the world's most recognizable (fictitious) voices with real-life footage from the archives of the last 12 months." "Death to 2020 has fictitious characters who address actual incidents in a bombastic mockumentary, albeit a little more stupid than it seems. Co-creative Charlie Brooker adds.

Is Death to 2020 part of Black Mirror?

Death to 2020 does not seem to be an actual Black Mirror episode, but rather a Netflix Comedy Event that reflects a lighter tone than the dull dram of the two.

It was revealed earlier this year that a contract has been signed between Netflix and the new production company founded by the duo, so maybe the new show will be the first product of the partnership.

Death To 2020: Cast List 

The entire Death to 2020 cast is now confirmed by Netflix. 

  • Samuel L. Jackson 
  • Hugh Grant 
  • Lisa Kudrow 
  • Kumail Nanjiani 
  • Tracey Ullman 
  • Samson Kayo 
  • Leslie Jones 
  • Diane Morgan 
  • Cristin Milioti 
  • Joe Keery

Starring: Samuel L. Jackson, Hugh Grant, Lisa Kudrow

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