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The Witcher: Blood Origin: What We Know About Netflix’s Series

Redanian Intelligence is here to guide you through everything actually know about the forthcoming Netflix live-action prequel film, The Witcher: Blood Origin coming soon to Netflix.

the witcher henry cavill jason momoa netflix
The Witcher: Blood Origin’: What We Know About Netflix’s Series

As the holiday season is nearing, Netflix has had a lot of work done shooting season two of the epic fantasy saga The Witcher, starring Henry Cavill. Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri are going to come back on our screens a couple months from now, but that's not the only witches that we can get in the near future. Netflix has a franchise, which actually focuses on two spinoffs:

  • The Witcher: Wolf's Nightmare is an animated film about Geralt's mentor Vesemir in the early years. Here you can read our project report. Netflix has been disastrously silent since Nightmare of the wolf revealed, so we can guess how far it has come (most believe it will air sometime before season two).
  • The Witcher: Blood Origin is a live six-part sequence of events on the relation of the spheres and the first witch being made. Most of the latest news has been released and we discussed Redanian Intelligence most of this. With this post now much better in view, something is breaking down, as The Witcher: Blood Origin is going to fall, what it's and who can do it. If you're a fan and just heard of the project or if a longtime reader is a little confused by the volume of content, it's for you.

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When will The Witcher: Blood Origin released on Netflix?

Firstly, to the biggest question: when do we expect to see The Witcher: Blood on Netflix? The streaming giant did not reveal a release date at the time of writing. Yet we should make a learned inference. The recapped blog, which has a confirmed the track record for The Witcher, has shown that filming is expected between May and December 2021. Various authoritative sources such as the Development Weekly industry database verified the start date in May.


netflix page for the witcher blood origin

The current The Witcher: Blood Origin site on Netflix

When is The Witcher: Blood Origin set in The Witcher timeline?

With the announcement of The Witcher: Blood Origin, Netflix also released a short synopsis:

1200 years before Geralt of Rivia, the worlds of monsters, men and elves merged into one, and the first Witcher came to be.


This shows us that, 1200 years before the events of the main series, the film is on the continent. The tales behind two of the main occurrences of Witcher's History, the conjunction of the spheres, which united the wonders of monsters, elves, and humans, and of course the creation of the first witcher, are also explored in the six episodes.

Around the same moment, the question arises: how does the show cover the two incidents when they are centuries apart? While about 1200 years before the beginning of The Witcher Saga the grab a bite of the Spheres existed, the first witchers actually went around much later. The official accompanying map of Netflix, indeed, notes that 967 years after the conjunction, the first witcher was made.

We believe that the response could be in the format. We know that the Blood Origin will be an episodical sequence from a recent casting call (that we explore in the following characters). This presumably means six episodes, each of which tells a tale similar to Disney's The Mandalorian. But with the show spanning over a thousand years of witcher history, there's sure to be some fantastic time spans between the shows. Perhaps we're going to have some stories over the years. Maybe we will divide the first episodes that reflect on the conjunction equally between the incidents and those that tell the tale of the first Witcher. There are many avenues to...

The Witcher: Blood Origin story explained


shaerrawedd the witcher netflix

The ruined elven palace of Shaerrawedd. Artwork by Edward Barons

Most of you are sure of the beloved book series of Andrzej Sapkowski, which inspired the popular Witcher Video Games of the CD project Red. While Sapkowski often touches on facts like the Conjunction of Sphere stories, it is clear that the myth of Blood Origin is much more dependent on the authors' imagination, since nothing is understood about this age in the history of the continent.

Having said that the show should lean on a basis for early history. The witcher world had initially been inhabited by waves. The dwarves, then the goblins, first passed through the gnomes. While these aged races did not exactly coexist in harmony, their planet was thrown into chaos by the link between the realms, trapping all manner of unnatural entities from other worlds, including man and monsters. It is not clear what caused the conjunction nor how it happened, just as the fabric of the continent has changed forever.

What characters will feature in The Witcher: Blood Origin?

blood origin elves netflix the witcher

Blood Origin is expected to focus heavily on the elven civilization prior to the Conjunction of the Spheres. Artwork for GWENT

So far the news has emerged in The Witcher Blood Roots, which includes six characters. We should understand from what has been revealed that most of them play a part in the emerging new conflicts between the races. Recapped announced in November that the show was aimed at casting two females. The names of Eile 'The Lark' Lithe have been given, and Princess Merwyn has.

While we don't know anything about the princess, the Illuminerdi was able to get a clearer definition of Eile: she was expected to be a woman from a clan of elves who use knives as their main weapon at the end of 20s-30s. Netflix searches out a diverse actor with a dance and stunt history to play the part. The Illuminati also listed a male lead named Fjall, which is described as physically strong, stiff, and visceral. He and Eile come from opposing tribes, which means that we will see a confrontation for domination.

Finally, the Casting Director Sophie Holland, and her Twitter staff recently posted three free casting calls for supporting roles. The first is a part-code-named 'Character G,' which is also known as a "true wildcard," wonderfully sharp-minded (female) assassin, with minimal development. The second call is "Character Z," "an earthly and mystical line with brain paralysis." She becomes a really strong individual, "part of a fleeting crew that seeks revenge." The muscular druid is 'Fabbri' who is also mute. The arrival of her sudden access to magic "is dangerous, witty, and pleased."


Who’s currently cast in The Witcher: Blood Origin?

the witcher henry cavill jason momoa netflix

Magic is guaranteed to play a prominent role in the events of Blood Origin

Not many cast members have been announced yet, but you may have heard this strong rumor earlier this year that Netflix looked at Thrones actor Jason Momoa for one of Blood Origin's leading stars. We Had This Covered first mentioned this piece of information. Later two more outlets, independent of each other, went through the same story, supporting all but Netflix's A-lister curiosity.

In addition, Momoa added heat to the conversation, posting a common fanart showing him against the backdrop of Kaer Morhen with his mate, Henry Cavill. Is this possible? Is this possible? Difficult to tell. Maybe the actor just stipulated. Will we see a witcher from Jason Momoa? Completely! Absolutely!

While we had the certainty that Netflix was keen to get Momoa to sign up for the first witcher of Blood Origin, the next months will reveal if there are any of them. Although the matter has been very quiet on Netflix and on all other parties we would possibly have to expect a comment to surely be made. Having said this, casting has long been in progress and any reports will crash in the not too distant future.

Who’s working on The Witcher: Blood Origin?

Irishman Declan De Barra, who worked as a showcase and managing producer, is the head of the Witcher: Blood Origin project. De Barra is a participant on the main show of Witcher, with both four episodes of the first and second seasons. As a skilled musician, he collaborated closely on the composers' song "The White Wolf" and Sonya Belousova and Giona Ostinelli.

A team of writers, including Kiersten Van Horne (Berlin Station, snow piercers) Aaron Stewart-Ahn and Bosch Man Meenehan, Tania Lothia (Swamp Thing, Carnival Row), Pooja Gupta (Mary Mary), Tasha Huo (Black Belle), and Troy Dangerfield, has been formed to compose De Barra's work for Blood Roots (Castle).

Often participating in this effort are many veterans of the key witcher show. The executive producer is Witcher Showrunner Lauren Hissrich. The manufacturers are also back Tomek Baginski, Jason Brown, Sean Daniel and Jarek Sawko. We don't know who'll lead these six series, but we expect reports in the months ahead, definitely prior to the movies beginning in May. Sophie Holland is again casting, as described above.

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