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Netflix: Lupine Review - The rogue and gentleman comes to life

Netflix brings to the small screen Lupine , the adventures of the rogue and gentleman 'Arsène Lupine', with the signature of George Kay who draws inspiration from the famous series of novels focusing on the eponymous fictional character created with his pen by the great author noir stories, Maurice Leblanc.

In this case, the direction was directed by the Emmy Award winner, Louis Leterrier, while the leading role was played by Omar Sy ( The Intouchables ). The cast is completed by: Ludivine Sagnier, Clotilde Hesme, Vincent Londez, Antoine Gouy, Soufiane Guerrab, Hervé Pierre, Etan Simon and Shirine Boutella. The one the season mini this suspense drama consisting of five episodes in total, and in 2021 is expected to be released and two the .

The main axis of the show revolves around the professional thief, 'Assane Diop' (Omar Sy), the only child of a migrant from Senegal who left his homeland hoping to find better luck in France for him and his son. However, working as a chauffeur in a wealthy family, the young man's father was wrongly accused by his powerful and ruthless boss, 'Hubert Pellegrini', of stealing a jewel of untold value from Marie Antoinette, ending up in prison where he ended his life . Orphaned now, the 'Assane' teenager is forced to mature prematurely and cope with the challenges that lie ahead in his journey. Twenty-five years later, he intends to expose all of Pellegrini 's unsolved crimes and seek revenge for his parent' s death.

This ambitious project is a very remarkable entertaining proposal of a police television anthology, as it manages to narrate through a more modern prism a classic fiction of the genre, masterfully incorporating in it the element of intrigue, intensity and black humor. The project includes a strong dose of scenes, chases, bluffs, and robberies that one is looking forward to.

The Plot of Lupin

The plot is evolving rapidly, with flash backs mediating enlightenment every now and then, adding a crucial piece to the intricate mosaic-riddle that is slowly unfolding before us with the landmark of a modern Robin Hood-punisher. The tangle of the puzzle unfolds gradually, without the creator rushing and resorting to tried and tested impressions, thus managing to keep the audience's interest intact until the end, with the reversal factor being placed accurately in key phases of the show, promoting very ingenious suit the action.

The Main Cast in Lupin

The main character of the case is a chameleon man who seems to have the staff of the winner knowing very well how to maneuver, and to adapt to the existing conditions that he encounters each time. Thus, he manages to face even seemingly inaccessible obstacles, to find the solution that will get him out of the difficult position and of course to ask the right questions that will lead him to key people and very useful facts in his search.

He redefines the rules of the game and even when the situation does not offer him an advantage, he improvises and passes dynamically in the counterattack. In this complex hunt for answers, the resourceful, courageous and devilishly charming, 'Assane Diop' puts a personal bet on himself and his past to bring to justice in his own way an immoral man who trapped and irreparably harmed him. his father.

'Assane' with a sharp look and unparalleled grace carefully observes the field, and the movements of his opponent, weaving an incredibly clever plot, avoiding the bad lobitations and trivial mistakes, while at the same time he enjoys sowing his panic in neuralgic points and pushing him into spasmodic manipulations.

The portrait of the hero is portrayed with wonderful vivacity and immediacy, something to which of course the acting ability of Omar Sy contributes, who in terms of the persona he plays here often fully meets the definition of poker face and the unpredictable, pleasantly surprising the recipient with reactions and his actions as well as the motives lurking in the latter.

Among other things, this narrative critically approaches issues such as: the rule of law, class and racial discrimination, racism, inequalities, refugee management, social hypocrisy in developed western countries, corruption, the unequivocally controversial, behind-the-scenes activities of influential economic actors and the entanglement of political power with them.

The staggering cliff hanger finale Lupin serves as an interesting pass for the upcoming two the circle, leaving the viewer to choose what all is 'Assane': Hero or scoundrel? Cheater or gentleman? Or is it all together?

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