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Real History of Kongar - Goktug Alp in Kurulus Osman Season

Real History of Kongar - Goktug Alp in Kurulus Osman Season

Real History of Kongar / Goktug Alp in Kurulus Osman Season

The public soon received attention from the Kurulus Osman Season, broadcast on ATV with every episode, on Wednesday at 20:00 in Turkish, explaining how the Ottoman Empire was founded under the leadership of Osman Ghazi, who governed the whole world for nearly six centuries.

Who was Kongar | Real History of Goktug Alp | Brother of Konur Alp | Kurulus Osman Character

The main character, Kongar or Goktug, was played in Kurulus Osman by an actor named Burak Çelik. In Kurulus Osman's season, after seeing Kongar or Goktug, people started seeking this important person in history.

So, I have gathered some information about Kongar or Goktug.

Who was Kongar? 

What was his relation to Kayi Tribe? 

When Kongar died?

So, here is curious info.

As we know, during the establishment of the Ottoman Empire, the Mongols were their peak. Their only ambition at that time was to extend the Mongol Empire. So, every nation and every city that fell in their path invaded them. The Mongols also conquered the Turkish tribes who resided in Anatolia to induce them to cooperate or conduct them. 

Mongols targeted the Kayi tribe several times, as we have seen in Dirilis Ertugrul too. However, with the help of his Alps, Ertugrul managed to respond to their attacks. There were also several other Turkish tribes, though. The Kongar / Goktug family also belonged to one of these Turkish tribes. We do not yet know the name of their tribe.

Kongar / Goktug and Konur Alp's father was also the combat veteran who fought the Mongols at the time. The Mongols targeted their tribe and some Mongol troops came to hide along with their mother, in Kongar / Goktug and Konur Alp tents. They went into the tent forcefully and tried to snatch the kids. The two were young at the time, Kongar / Goktug and Konur Alp. 

When their mother was trying to rescue her baby, the Mongolian soldiers murdered her. During that time, Konur Alp's elder brother escaped but the younger Kongar / Goktug was arrested. He was captured and traded on the slave market by the Mongol troops. Balgay bought it as a Mongolian Commander as a young man.

Konur Alp's elder Brother met the Kayi tribe and later became Osman Ghazi's most important and close friend. In the other side, Balgay raised Kongar / Goktug, who brain-washed him over his beliefs and memories of his youth. 

Goktug forgot his history completely. But the day was strongly recalled by Konur Alp. Kongar / Goktug was also a valiant warrior and Balgay was using him to conquer many places. And that is why Balgay wished for the Mongol Empire's throne. Balgay met the Kayi tribe after his conquest of the regions. Konur Alp was remembering his brother at the time. He was not prepared to take his brother's struggle against him. However, after seeing the sign on his forehead, he was forced to admit that.

From then on, Konur Alp immediately took steps to return Kongar / Goktug. And the time came when Kongar / Goktug was active in returning to Islam. Then Kongar / Goktug was also an important spy to himself. He supported Osman Ghazi in defeating the Mongolians. No information on his early life and burial place is present. When fighting in the fields, he lost his entire life. It may be believed that his tomb is in Konuralp village in Duzce province, Turkey. He is buried near his brother Konur Alp.

And ALLAH (SWT) knows the best.

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