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Who was the father of Flatius? Kurulus Osman Character

Kurulus Osman is a hit Turkish Historical drama returns with Season 2, but fans of Kurulus Osman exploring on Google Who was the father of Flatius? 

Who was the father of Flatius? Kurulus Osman Character

  • Kurulus Osman is the sequel to Dirilis: Ertugrul (known as, Resurrection: Ertugrul on Netflix), which was released back in 2014. The prequel of 'Kurulus Osman' is available to watch on Netflix

Who was the father of Flatius?

The father of Flatius was commander Kostas the commander of Karacahisar governer Ares Flatyos is being tested by Aya Nikola. According to what he said, Ertuğrul Bey supposedly killed his father in front of him. But these were lies. Ertuğrul Bey never killed his military child. He avenged the alps with children. Flatius supposedly wanted to avenge him. Flatius, who appeared in season 2, was jailed for several reasons. When Aya Nikola Tekfur becomes a devotee to replace Alexis, Flatyos makes him his assistant. The main ones start after that. Flatius gets out of prison and says: "Byzantium is resurrecting!"

The Flatius Kurlus Osman Season 2 

He was a Fleetish Room commander. He was very brave and very dangerous. In a cell in Rome, he was imprisoned. He is now Aya Nikola's "brave" assistant. Even how many stories they've got with Aya Nikola about "invincibility," at the end, they'll be the same. They're arriving at Ertuğrul. They want Ertuğrul and the prisoners to be killed. Initially warm, Ertuğrul Bey declined the offers of Flatyos and Aya Nicholas. Only in the event that a son assassinated all Kayı Alps and attempted to kill Ertuğrul Bey had Flatios binding knives all around the house. He once imagined that, but it didn't happen.

Even if Flatius many times attacks, the spy Arito Master defeats everything. The team, who were nearly insane, couldn't do anything. Saru Batu then says Lena, who met Lena Hatun, Prosecutor Bey's Christian girlfriend, has never forgotten Flatius. In the heart of Lena, two flames glow.

You want again to attack Osman. Osman Bey will be assaulted with Flatyos to support Saru Batu Savcı Bey in his task. Then Osmana is helped by a person: his predecessor and friend Bamsı Beyrek, his uncle's friend. Together they fight back backwards and forwards. Flatius says it's the 'bear' who helps Osman to Aya Nikola. This had a great impact on both of them. They'll be the only ones to be defeated after all.

The History about Flatius Life

Flatyos' power was got to shake, the former prisoner who felt he was an honest and noble knight. He was more responsible than Nikola for everything. When it came to his job, he was the one who thought he was a knight. Nikola so, even more, shook Flatyos and openly reviled him and disgraced him. It couldn't be tolerated by Flatius. Nikola Flatius wanted to "kill." He told him, "You're not a knight anymore, Flatyos. Flatius, you're just nothing! Nothing!" Nothing! Nikola called Flatyos at the castle next to him, saying to him, "You know why I have disgraced you. I wanted you out of the castle because. You will live in the mountains and forests from now on, you will be the spy of the Kayi." After that, Flatyos are no longer instructed.

Once again, Osman Bey invaded and took Yavlak Arslan to siege. This time. As an intelligent siege, a traitor turns this siege upside down. Flatyos, a Byzantine acquaintance, is rushing to rescue Arslan Hain Yavlak immediately. Osman proves that Yavlak Arslan is an enemy traitor and co-worker. Yavlak Arslán is solved and rescued by Flatyos. The traitors read all the brave ones ends this clever siege.

Even when Kulucahisar Castle was conquered by Osman Gazi, he did not know. He later found out, but could not do anything. But he could help the traitors Osman would kill. 

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