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5 Turkish dramas on Netflix: Add in Your Watchlist

The Turkish TV series has over the last few years gained international fanbase, draining beyond the territory of the country. This is mostly due to the high values of production and the universal subjects included in the shows. The genre has everything from signs of abuse spells to new-age dramas. Here are a few of the best watches you can add, whether you are already a fan or just dipping your toes into the water.

5 Turkish dramas on Netflix: Add in Your Watchlist 

1: Resurrection: Ertugrul

This historical Turkish drama goes all the way back to the thirteenth century and was based on the life of the title character Ertugrul, a warrior allegedly the pillar of the Ottoman State. This dramatized series is a journey to establish a state by Ertugrul, son of the leader of the nomadic tribe. Over five long seasons, the Templars, the Mongols, and snakes he encounters in his own tribe have faced many obstacles. The show is often credited with being a tool for propaganda to the Leader of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and others link it to HBO's Game of Thrones. The show was also praised for its smooth values of production.

2: Love 101

This show focuses on a group of four Istanbul teenagers who need to come up with a system to keep their favorite Burcu teacher from leaving school. She is the only one who sticks up for them if the rest of the school, including the headmaster, assumes they're nobody and tries to displace them. They decide to bring her up, so they don't move out of Istanbul, with their surly basketball coach. They find true friendship and understand each other better in this process.

3: Winter Sun

All the elements of the classical potboiler from Bollywood, such as double affairs, twins alienated, amnesia and vengeance for loved ones' deaths. Efe is adopted by a fisherman after witnessing the assassination of his father as a boy. When Efe grows up, he seeks to uncover the truth about his true family and he discovers the secrets of his twin brother and his rich family. When the assassin of his father kills his twin brother, things are going, assuming that he really is it. Now Effe has to take on the persona of his brother in order to get vengeance on his loved ones who murdered him.

4: The Protector

The show was created by people with Narcos, Controversy and Argo so you know that you are there to go on a ride with it. Hakan Demir is working in the antique shop of his adoptive father and dreams of owning his own with his best friend. After his father's death his world turns upside down and he is revealed to be part of a subterranean order which protects him against an immortal enemy. His world turns over. Moreover, he figured out that he had extraordinary abilities that could benefit him.

5: The Gift

This original series of Netflix is an adaptation of a Šengül Boybaş book, and was based on real events. It is situated on Göbekli Tepe, an archeological site in Turkey's Anatolia region, where standing stones were found over 11,000 years old. Since the creation and demonstration of the plot, the place has been tinged with mystery. A young artist from Istanbul, whose mysterious symbol has been painted since she was a little girl, revolves around the story. She changes her life when she learns that the symbol is located on the Göbekli Tepe platform.

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