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Teskilat Series: Synopsis, Cast, and Know Everything Far

Teskilat Series: Synopsis, Cast, and Know Everything Far

Teskilat is new series known as "The Agency" in the English language, that will explain the experiences of MIT.

Fans of the Teskilat series around the world are being curious to learn more about Teskilat meaning in English. Well, there are three meanings of Teskilat words in English, The Order, The Organization, The Agency.

Plot - Synopsis of  Teskilat

The Teskilat series is an organization that will discover the multi-topic of National Intelligence Turkey. In it will be shown the private life of a special team working in the national intelligence agency.

Teskilat describes the story of a special unit working under the National Intelligence Organization. The special team of this secret organization has driven very successful operations in the country and abroad. They are unknown to everyone, their identity kept secret and it is a mystery about their life stories all the time.

Teskilat TRT1 Series

Teskilat is  the first-ever Turkish series that let us know the inner workings of Turkey's National Intelligence Agency campus, which is kept secret and better known as 'The Castle.' The series will explore the struggles, sacrifices, and dedication of 7 patriots, who sacrificed their lives for the sake of protecting their country, and in doing so, they become invisible its mean living 'underground.'

Teskilat's special team private lives of the intelligence officers, their families, and personal lifestyle which will be aired-on TRT1. They will have to sacrifice many things to become secret heroes.

Where is Teskilat Series in production

The production of Teskilat shot in Ankara, Teskilat is also the first-ever show produced at its magnitude and it will detail extraordinary experiences lived by real heroes in the history of Turkey. The series will keep audiences on the edge with the constant battle of who are the 'good' and 'bad' guys in the war between life and death.

Teskilat: Release Date

Teskilat has set to premiere on TRT1 on Sunday, 7th March 2021 which was officially confirmed by the creator.

How to watch Teskilat Series

  • Yes, It is available on the TRT1 official website, if you understand the Turkish language, you must visit their website to watch all episodes of Teskilat but if you want to watch in English subtitles and check on the Kayi Family Series where you can watch easily without ads bothering.

Teskilat Series Cast List

The series boasts an impressive cast and you can check out members below [according to IMDb]
  • Çağlar Ertuğrul- Serdar,
  • Deniz Baysal- Zehra
  • Ezgi Eyüboğlu
  • Tuncer Salman
  • Mesut Akusta- Mete,
  • Ezgi Şenler
  • Eneshan Nalbant
  • Atılay Uluışık

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