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Kalp Yarasi Episode 13 English Subtitles - Release Date

Fans of the Kalp Yarasi series around the world have been checking up on the release of season 1 episode 13.

Season 1 of the Kalp Yarasi Turkish series was released on 28th June 2021 and is available to watch on ATV . on IMDB has achieved a resounding 6.5/10, so you know the show comes highly like!

Kalp Yarasi Episode 13: Release Date

  • When can fans expect the Kalp Yarasi Episode 13 to be released online around the world? 

TV show Kalp Yarası Season 1 Episode 13 (S01E13) is the thirteenth episode of season one of "Kalp Yarası." The episode will premiere on ATV on Monday in turkish-language, September 27th, 2021.

Kalp Yarasi Episode 13 is set to hit streams on Monday, 27th September 2021. For some, this may be a day later... Check below your time zone...

Also, episode 11 of Kalp Yarasi's "Heart Wound" will be available for audiences around the world to watch with English subtitles, Espanol Subtitulos, and in other several languages.

Kalp Yarasi Episode 13 Release Date & Time Release Date & Time

Kalp Yarasi Episode 13 is set to hit streams on Monday, 27th September 2021. For some, this may be a day later on Tuesday, 28th September 2021. Depending on your region's time zone. 

  • Central Time: Kalp Yarasi episode 13 will be air for fans between 6 – 7 PM CDT on Monday, 27th September 2021. 
  • Eastern Time: Kalp Yarasi episode 13 is officially confirmed to hit on the streaming platform between 7 – 8 PM EDT on Tuesday, 27th September 2021. 
  • British Time: Kalp Yarasi episode 13 can be expected to watch between 12 – 1 AM BST on Tuesday, 28th September 2021. 
  • Australia Time: Kalp Yarasi episode 13 time and date set to debut between 8:30 – 9:30 AM ACDT on Tuesday, 28th September 2021. 
  • India Time: Kalp Yarasi episode 13 is set to display online between 4:30 – 5:30 AM IST on Tuesday, 28th September 2021. 
  • Pakistan Time: Kalp Yarasi episode 13 is officially time set to air between 4 – 5 AM PKT on Tuesday, 28th September 2021.

How to watch Kalp Yarasi Episode 13 Where to wath
Episode 13 will premiere on ATV in the Turkish language on Monday, September 27th, 2021. But you can watch in with English subtitles the next day after releasing on the official platform.
Kalp Yarasi Episode 13: Plot Story of Episode 13
Ayşe admits the crime that was thrown on her as a result of the manipulation of Hüseyin's lawyer and goes to prison. Believing that Ayşe did not kill Baha, Ferit decides to become Ayşe's lawyer. Ferit's statement "I believe in you, I will be your lawyer" gives Ayşe hope. However, Ferit has a hard time getting over the idea that Baha and Ayşe love each other.

The video, which is proof of Ayşe's innocence, is in Azade's hands. Because of Ayşe, whom she could never accept as a freed bride, she cannot accept the death of her son. Stuck between her conscience and motherhood, will Azade be the savior of Ayşe?

On the other hand, Yaman, who learns that Adnan is his real father, is at a critical crossroad between making peace with his past and taking revenge.
Kalp Yarasi Episode 12
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Please Note: That we've been right for previous episode times and dates, these may be subject to change for the new episode. Times have not been confirmed so please check back with us for any updates.

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