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Emanet Episode 226 English Subtitles - Legacy

Emanet is a Turkish series, Fans around the world have been checking up on the release date of the Emanet Episode 226.

The new episode trailer of Emanet episode 225 has been released, one of the popular TV series of, which is at the high ratings every its every episode on Friday night. its telecast has been released. Everyone is looking for the highly anticipated series trailer of Emanet and how to watch it. The first trailer of episode 226 has been released. So, what will happen in the new episode? What happened in the end episode? Here is the 225th episode trailer and episode summary of Emanet.

Emanet: Storyline

Kevser grew raised in a low and lowly area, and when she marries the affluent Kirimli family's son, her father severed all connections with her since he does not approve of the union. But when Kevser's husband dies, she is suddenly imprisoned in the loveless Kirimli house with her 5-year-old son Yusuf, with nowhere to turn. One day, disaster strikes, and she is killed in an accident. Little Yusuf is now trapped in a house teeming with cruel individuals, and he is longing for attention and love. Yaman, his uncle, is a powerful, gruff, and cold-hearted businessman who long ago closed his heart to all feelings. Despite the fact that Yusuf is quite well protected under his uncle's care, he seeks sympathy.

What happened in the last episode?

In Emanet tonight, Yaman does his best to reveal the truth. Seher prepares a bad surprise for Yaman. Emanet, the popular TV series of Kanal 7 screens, is on with its 225th episode, the last episode of which was broadcast on Friday, October 8th.

Ozan has changed a lot as a result of all that has transpired, and he has become an angry guy who ignores everyone and everything. He begins to live on his yacht, disregarding his company and work. As a result, the company will lose jobs, and this scenario will provide Cinar with a trump card with regard to Ozan. Musa and Esra try to persuade Ozan to return, but Ozan is deaf Finally, what Ozan sees in Esra leads him to lose control.

Yaman finally got the news he was waiting for. But he is unaware of Seher's plan as he tries to reveal everything. Ali, who learns that Yasemin is Duygu's sister, is now with her. They will look for your brother together. Carrying the signature of Karamel Yapım, Emanet meets the audience on Kanal 7 screens every weekday at 19:00 with its gripping story.

After losing Seher and his nephew because of the lie he told to protect his brother, Yaman's first job is to go after Seher and Yusuf. However, reaching them will be more difficult than you imagine. Seher has left no trace behind. Making great efforts to get used to the modest life she has established with Yusuf, Seher finds Yaman in front of her unexpectedly. This encounter will not be easy for either of them. Because the greater the love between them, the greater the lie that separates them. Despite all the time that has passed and the pain that separates them, what will be the decision of Seher, who sees Yaman in front of her? 

For Ali, who has left no room for anything other than his profession in his life, the only goal is to catch the criminals and bring them to justice. An operation they undertake with his team brings Duygu against him. Duygu, who is tough, strict and strict, is also a successful cop. Ali, who had to work with Duygu as a result of his superiors' orders, is aware that this partnership is a harbinger of difficult days. Conflicting cooperation drags Ali and Duygu, who get to know each other over time, to a different adventure. Will the arrival of Duygu be the beginning of a new story for Ali, who has closed himself off to the world?

When is coming to Emanet next episode?

Episode 226 of Emanet will be premiered on on 9-10-2021 at 8:00 PM Turkey Time _ If you are looking to watch in the English language, here below is the website link where Turkish series lovers can streams.

Emanet  Episode 226: Release Date 

Emanet Episode 226 is set to hit streams on Saturday, 9th October 2021. For some, this may be a day later on Sunday, 10th October 2021. Depending on your region's time zone. Check below

Time Zone Air Date
Central Time: Emanet episode 226 will be air for fans between 6 – 7 PM CDT on 9th October 2021
Eastern Time: Emanet episode 226  is set to hit on the streaming platform between 7–8 PM EDT on  9th October 2021
British Time: Emanet episode 226 can be expected to watch between 12 – 1 AM BST on 10th October 2021
Australia Time: Emanet episode 226 time and date set to debut between 8:30 – 9:30 AM ACDT on  10th October 2021
India Time: Emanet episode 226 is set to display online between 4:30 – 5:30 AM IST on 10th October 2021
Pakistan Time: Emanet episode 226 is officially time set to air between 4 – 5 AM PKT on  10th October 2021

Emanet Episode 226 English Subtitles

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