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Kurulus Osman Episode 66 English Subtitles - Release Date

Kurulus Osman Episode 66 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman is the new Turkish series of 2021, Fans around the world have been checking up on the release date of the Kurulus Osman Episode 66. on IMDB has achieved a resounding 6.6/10, so you know the show comes highly like!

Kurulus Osman Episode 65: Storyline

Everyone is overjoyed at Orhan's birth! The birth of Orhan thrilled the whole Kayi Tribe and Turkmens in the region in the 65th episode of 'The Kurulus Osman.' While Osman Bey's principality growing day by the day, so do his adversaries as a result of his influence in the region. Osman Bey's new action is supported not only by negöl Tekfuru Aya Nikola but also by Harmankaya Tekfuru Mikhael Kosses and Bilecik Tekfuru Rogatus Laskaris, as well as the Byzantine Emperor and the Catholic world! On the other side, while Osman Bey maintains Bala Hatun's pregnancy a secret, Malhun Hatun learns of it. The reply of Malhun Hatun will cause a rift in the two women's relationship.

Kurulus Osman Episode 66: Release Date 

Kurulus Osman episode 66 is set to hit streams on Wednesday, 13th October 2021. For some, this may be a day later on Thursday, 14th October 2021. Depending on your region's time zone. Check below.


Kurulus Osman is officially released on the ATV website in the Turkish language but if you want to watch in English subtitles, all episodes of Kurulus Osman are published on where you can watch easily every Wednesday with English subtitles.

Sadly, Kurulus Osman is not available on major streaming platforms such as Netflix but its sequel is available on Netflix which is known as Dirilis Ertugrul.

Time Zone Air Date
Central Time: Kurulus Osman episode 66 will be air for fans between 6 – 7 PM CDT on Wednesday 13th October 2021
Eastern Time: Kurulus Osman episode 66  is set to hit on the streaming platform between 7–8 PM EDT on Wednesday 13th October 2021
British Time: Kurulus Osman episode 66 can be expected to watch between 12 – 1 AM BST on Thursday 14th October 2021
Australia Time: Kurulus Osman episode 66  time and date set to debut between 8:30 – 9:30 AM ACDT on Thursday 14th October 2021
India Time: Kurulus Osman episode 66 is set to display online between 4:30 – 5:30 AM IST on Thursday 14th October 2021
Pakistan Time: Kurulus Osman episode 66 is officially time set to air between 4 – 5 AM PKT on Thursday 14th October 2021

Kurulus Osman Episode 66 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman: Plot

He would ignite the fire of gas and freedom with his coal-black eyes. His name was Osman, son of Ertuğrul Gazi. It was "love" that guided him through the darkness. He dreamed of a nation that would cross the seven heavens, seven earths, mountains and seas with "love". He took his strength not from his sword, but from "love"… With justice to tyranny; He gave his name to the greatest empire that history has ever seen, which resisted slavery with freedom, "with love". The rebellion against the corrupt order that broke 72 nations, the hope for the silent cry of the oppressed became the name of the Organization… The Foundation Osman… The story of the march from a 400-tent camp to a world empire founded with "divine love".

Production: Bozdag Film

Producer: Mehmet Bozdag

General Director: Metin Gunay

Director: Ahmet Yılmaz – Fethi Bayram

Screenplay: Mehmet Bozdag, Isa Yildiz, Mehmet Ilker Altinay, Asli Zeynep Peker Bozdag, Mert Ozel, Fatmanur Guldali, Ali Ozan Salkım, Abdulkadir Ilter

Cast: Burak Özçivit, Didem Balçın, Yıldız Çağrı Atiksoy, Serhat Kılıç, Erkan Avcı, Seda Yıldız, Yıldıray Şahinler, Özge Törer, Emre Basalak, Rüzgar Aksoy, Burak Çelik, Çağrı Şensoy, Yiğit Uçan, Ahmet Yenilmez, Emin Gürsoy, Buse Arslan , Emel Dede, Şeyma Korkmaz, Açelya Özcan, Fatih Ayhan, Ömer Ağan, Ahmet Kaynak, Serdar Kayaokay, Oğuzhan Karbi, Serhat Parıl, Melis Gürhan, Can Bartu Aslan, Burak Alp Yenilmez, Gizem Kala, Recep Çavdar, Rıdvan Uludaşdemir, Serdar Akulker

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