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Barbaroslar Episode 6 English Subtitles - Release Date

Barbaroslar English Subtitles

Barbaroslar is a Turkish historical series, Fans around the world have been checking up on the release date of the Barbaroslar Episode 5. on IMDB has achieved a resounding 5.6/10, so you know the show comes highly like!

Barbaroslar episode 5th has been released on the screen today. Fans who want to watch the trailer with English subtitles can check below _ Barbaroslar Akdeniz'in Kılıcı watch, watch Barbaroslar Akdeniz'in Kılıcı 5th episode. Has the 6th episode trailer of Barbaroslar been released? Here is the detail...

When Barbaroslar Episode 6 Will Release?

The fact that the new episode trailer for the Barbaroslar series, which was released early after the latest episode, was not released this week raised questions in the minds of the audience. While Barbaroslar's ardent fans waited for the 6th episode trailer to be broadcast as soon as possible, there was a little delay in the famous TRT1 TV series owing to subsequent choices. So, why wasn't the 6th episode trailer of Barbaroslar, which took the viewer on a voyage through a time tunnel with genuine sights, included?

The audience was confused by the fact that the six-episode trailer of Barbaroslar Mediterranean Sword, which has its name written in gold letters among the indispensable Thursday productions, had not yet been released. Under normal circumstances, at the end of the previous episode, the audience began to wonder why the new episode teaser of Barbaroslar, which was shown by the broadcaster, was not this week.

Which is very well known, the decision to change the name of the writer of the script for the Barbaroslar Mediterranean Sword series, which is still in production and the announcement that Hasan Erimez and Serdar Zonalan will be the new names who will take on the script for the Barbaroslar Mediterranean Sword from now on were on the media agenda.

Following these developments, a new change was added to the decision, as was the signing of an agreement with a different name for the director. With Berat Zdoan taking over as director instead of Doan Ümit Karaca, a new period in the Barbaroslar Mediterranean Sword series will begin.

Barbaroslar: Storyline

The story of 4 sailor brothers who ensure Ottoman supremacy in the Mediterranean; Hayreddin Barbarossa, Oruc Reis, Ishak and Ilyas.

A promising and strong Turkish television drama. “Barbaroslar” is the title of this Turkish television drama (Captain of the Seas in the Ottoman Empire) and his other four sailor brotherwho maintain Ottoman supremacy in the Mediterranean.

Barbaroslar Episode 5: Story

They take action to end the cruelty. What awaits Baba Oruç, who stands against the oppressors and lives to be hope for the oppressed, and Isabel, whose brother is held captive by the organization, on this path? Unite ' or how to put things? Isabel ' in the sense of justice prevail and, of Alexandria ' in Thessaloniki ' to go to the merchant ship's Cafe ' in fasting father he gave away his hand. This situation turned all of Cafer 's plans upside down, and in a way, the wealth he desired was almost ruined. 

Jafar 'His hatred for Baba Oruç increased with this incident, and he decided to sabotage Baba Oruç's ship for revenge. Realizing this assassination attempt at the last moment, Baba Oruç and İlyas entered into a fierce struggle with Cafer 's men. Who will be the survivors of this struggle? Is it the end of everything for Baba Oruç or is everything just beginning?

What happened in episode 5?

As the excitement peaked in the new series of Thursday evenings, Barbaroslar's Sword of the Mediterranean, eyes turned to what Oruç and Hızır Reis would do. This situation, which happened when Isabel gave the merchant ship to Baba Oruç, turned all of Cafer's plans upside down and in a way almost ruined the wealth he desired. Immediately after the episode where the final scene was watched with excitement, the question of whether the 6th episode trailer of Barbaroslar was published came to mind. However, the new episode trailer has not yet been released on TRT1 screens.


What awaits Baba Oruç, who stands against the oppressors and lives to be hope for the oppressed, and Isabel, whose brother is held captive by the organization? How will they counter Unita? Isabel's sense of justice prevailed and she took the merchant ship from Alexandria to Thessaloniki from Cafer and gave it to Baba Oruç.

This situation threw all of Cafer's plans into disarray, and the money he sought almost wrecked it. Cafer's hate for Baba Oruç grew as a result of this occurrence, and he resolved to wreck Baba Oruç's ship in retaliation.

At the last time, Baba Oruç and Lyas realized the murder attempt and engaged in a violent battle with Cafer's soldiers. Who will emerge victorious from this conflict? Is it the end of the world for Baba Oruç, or is it just the beginning?

On the other hand, the ship carrying Hizir, Niko, Shak, and Hamza from Lesbos to Alexandria was assaulted by Radko and his men.

However, Hizir Reis' cunning and the brave strategy worked, and they were able to resist Radko's ship.

Barbaroslar Episode 6: Release Date 

Barbaroslar episode 6 is set to hit streams on Thursday, 21st October 2021. For some, this may be a day later on Friday, 22nd October 2021. Depending on your region's time zone. Check below

Time Zone Air Date
Central Time: Barbaroslar episode 6 will be air for fans between 6 – 7 PM CDT on Thursday 21 October 2021
Eastern Time: Barbaroslar episode 6 is set to hit on the streaming platform between 7–8 PM EDT on Thursday 21st October 2021
British Time: Barbaroslar episode 6 can be expected to watch between 12 – 1 AM BST on Friday 22 October 2021
Australia Time: Barbaroslar episode 6 time and date set to debut between 8:30 – 9:30 AM ACDT on Friday 22 October 2021
India Time: Barbaroslar episode 6 is set to display online between 4:30 – 5:30 AM IST on Friday 22 October 2021
Pakistan Time: Barbaroslar episode 6 is officially time set to air between 4 – 5 AM PKT on Friday 22 October 2021

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