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Barbaroslar Episode 19 English Subtitles: Release Date

What date and time will Barbaroslar Episode 19 release on TRT1 with English subtitles around the world?

The last episode is broadcast first on the TRT1 television network from 8 PM Turkish Time, with starting from around 8:00 PM _Turkey Time.

Following its local airing, all episodes are uploaded for free on the official Barbaroslar YouTube account for fans all over the world few hours later.

Last week, episode 18 dropped on YouTube at 9:17 PM GMT, followed by episode 17 at around the same time; fans can expect episode 18 to be available for online viewing around the following worldwide times:

Barbaroslar Episode 19: Release Date

Barbaroslar Episode 19 is scheduled to release on Tuesday, February 8th, 2022. The fans of Destan TV Show can expect episode 19 to watch with English subtitles around the world by following international times:
  • Pacific Time – 1:17 PM PST on Jan 25
  • Eastern Time – 4:17 PM EST on Jan 25
  • British Time – 9:17 PM GMT on Jan 25
  • European Time – 10:17 PM CET on Jan 25
  • Turkish Time – 12:17 AM TRT on Jan 26
  • Pakistan Time – 2:17 AM PKT on Jan 26
  • India Time – 2:47 PM IST on Jan 26
  • Philippine Time – 5:17 AM PHT on Jan 26

Barbaroslar Episode 19 Summary

The Knights of Rhodes, who carried out a great massacre in Lesbos with the order of Pietro's attack, forced the Muslim people they captured to become Christians. Oruç Reis and his levents, who managed to enter Lesbos with their plan, be able to save the Muslim people and Lesbos who resisted the tortures of Gladyus and Leonardo.

Determined not to abandon her spiritual family and her cause, Meryem was abducted to Kalymnos by order of Pietro, who lost his trust in Meryem, do after her disappearance. What will happen to Meryem, who is captured by Pietro? Oruç and Hızır had killed the representatives of the Christian union in Alexandria.

Barbaroslar Episode 19: Trailer

Where to watch Barbaroslar English Subtitles

The best Place to watch Barbaroslar with English Subtitles is Turkish123 Series, which provides the viewers all around the world free of Cost in High Resolution with Uptime and Reliability. Stream all Episode in English at Turkish123 Series and in Turkish at Barbaroslar Official YouTube Channel.

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