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Yargi Episode 31 Update

Yargi Episode 31 in which starring Pinar Deniz and Kaan Urgancioglu what time will release new episode on Kanal D at 20:00.

Kanal D's famous TV show "Yargi," created by Ay Yapm and starring Kaan Urgancolu and Pnar Deniz, returns with a new episode. The following is the theme of the new episode of Judgment, whose screenplay was written by Sema Ergenekon and directed by Ali Bilgin.

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Yargi Last Episode Summary

Ceylin catches Ilgaz off surprise and chooses to give their relationship another opportunity. However, in order to proceed, she requires him to make a decision. Ilgaz's entire existence will be turned upside down as a result of this decision. On the one hand, the lady he loves; on the other, the family he will carry with him for the rest of his life...

The killing of Zafer has reached a climactic climax. There is just one element left for the puzzle to progressively fall into place and light up the entire event night. Surprising meetings will be held, and new agreements will be struck, all in the name of the potential of enlightenment. What they don't realise is that Yekta has other intentions for them.


Yargi Episode 31 Trailer

Yargi Episode 31: Release Date Worldwide

Yargi Episode 31 trailers is now scheduled for a worldwide release on Friday, 8th May, 2022. 

Episode 31 is expected to release date change because of the Holiday which is called "Eid ul Fiter" and, it will release next week as per the following date and times around the world will be available for viewers across the world to watch with English subtitles.
  • Central time:  6 – 7 PM on Sunday, 8th May, 2022.
  • Eastern time: 7 – 8 PM on Sunday, 8th May, 2022.
  • British Time: 12 – 1 AM on Sunday, 8th May, 2022.
  • Central European time: 1 – 2 AM on Monday, 9th May, 2022.
  • Australia time: 8:30 – 9:30 AM on Monday, 9th May, 2022.

Where to watch Yargi

Turkish Language
➤ Kanal D | YouTube

English Subtitles
This series is being translated in English subtitles on a number of websites. The site's links are shown below. If you understand the Turkish language _ Watch on the official website or their channel on YouTube; We have added their website link right above.

How Yargi Series is Being Rated?

Yargi TV show is receiving praise domestically and internationally from around the world. While Yargi is being very popular on Kanal D, it’s actually YouTube where most of the worldwide fans excitement is coming through. 

At the time of publishing the article _ Yargi first 10 episodes have been viewed the following number of times:

  • Episode 1 – 14 million views
  • Episode 2 – 4.5 million views
  • Episode 3 – 4.5 million views
  • Episode 4 – 4.7 million views
  • Episode 5 – 4.5 million views
  • Episode 6 – 4.5 million views
  • Episode 7 – 4.1 million views
  • Episode 8 – 4.3 million views
  • Episode 9 – 4.3 million views
  • Episode 10 – 4.4 million views

Even for the latest upcoming episode 31 which official trailer released, but previous episode had over 1.9 million views. YARGI has an IMDB rating of 8.6/10.

Please Keep in Mind; that while previous episode times and dates have been correct, they may be subject to change for the next episode. Times have not been verified, so please visit back to check...

If your time zone is not shown above, please visit on the Savvy Time to calculate when it will be released in your time zone. The episode will be available with English subtitles on the official website under the title "Yargi Season 1 Episode 31 _ Bolum 31"

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