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Senden Daha Guzel Episode 2 English Subtitles

(toc)(Senden Daha Guzel Episode 2 )

Senden Daha Guzel next episode 2 will release on 14th June 2022. Its new a Turkish ROMCOM of 2022 which produced by Gold Film, produced by Faruk Turgut, directed by Ketche and written by Ayşe Üner Kutlu, the second presentation of FOX's new series "Better than You" met with the audience.

Episode 1 Summary

Efsun works as a dermatologist in a village in Gaziantep and lives happily on the farm with her father. He hears from his mother, Pervin, who left them 21 years ago and hasn't seen him since. Pervin, a famous plastic surgeon, wants to see his daughter one last time. Efsun, who comes to Istanbul with Kaan, the driver sent by Pervin, encounters a big surprise. Neither her mother nor the driver who brought her are telling the truth. Istanbul, which he came to for a day, will change Efsun's whole life irreversibly.

Senden Daha Guzel Episode 2: Trailer 

Senden Daha Guzel Episode 2: Release Date & Time

Senden Daha Guzel Episode 2 trailers is now scheduled for a worldwide release on the YouTube. 

Episode 2 is expected to next week as per the following date and times around the world will be available for viewers across the world to watch with English subtitles.
  • Central time:  6 – 7 PM on Tuesday, 14th June, 2022.
  • Eastern time: 7 – 8 PM on Tuesday, 14th June, 2022.
  • British Time: 12 – 1 AM on Tuesday, 14th June, 2022.
  • Central European time: 1 – 2 AM on Wednesday, 15th June, 2022.
  • Australia time: 8:30 – 9:30 AM on Wednesday, 15th June, 2022.

Where to watch Senden Daha Guzel

Turkish Language

English Subtitles

This series is being translated in English on a number of websites. The site's links are shown below. We did our website to find some websites... They hold are illegal contents __ These website only for English speaking people __ Some of the fans watch on official platform who know Turkish languages...

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